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Save your customer support teams for  high value engagements

Smart companies take their CX to the next level by using Conversational AI to serve and effectively engage with their customers.

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CONVERSATIONS is an AI enterprise-grade digital employee that provides sales and customer service support for companies that deal with large volumes of enquiries.

Built to scale, the CONVERSATIONS platform's flexible integration systems allow your business to adapt as technology evolves. Use machine learning and NLU to manage great conversation design, analytics and AI as part of your ongoing customer service toolset.


Drive more upsells with Conversations


Cost to serve per customer


Reduction in customer service costs

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Support at scale

Satisfied customers want 24/7 availability, accurate information and quick resolutions. CONVERSATIONS delivers this in a natural conversational manner, personalised 1:1 fashion and at scale.

Built for enterprises and businesses who need customised service options to handle those next-level enquiries, CONVERSATIONS digital employee added to your team combines automated and human engagement to achieve the best business outcomes:

Use AI to automate up to 80% of all engagements

Lower cost to serve to as little as 47 cents and control costs through self-service options and automation

Bridge the gap between conversational AI and human interactions

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Deliver outstanding service and support at scale

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Next level CX

Have the right conversation at the right time to improve customer and agent experiences, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Generate ROI, increase CSAT & average basket size with CONVERSATIONS customer interactions

Deliver compliant, automated customer service for Financial Services with CONVERSATIONS compliant tech

Build incredible customer rapport and trust with CONVERSATIONS natural language interactions

Streamline call centre support with CONVERSATIONS

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Full service conversation engine

The CONVERSATIONS platform provides complete control and management of the system, reducing risk and delivering you peace of mind.


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