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Amazon Connect

Simple to use cloud-based contact centre, providing scaleable solutions. Cloudwave can guide your Amazon Connect implementation.

Cloud Powered

CRM Integrations

Pay as you go

AI Intelligence


Open Platform

Easy to use omnichannel cloud contact centre

Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center service that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower cost.


Amazon Connect is based on the same contact center technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world to power millions of customer conversations.


The self-service graphical interface in Amazon Connect makes it easy for non-technical users to design contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics – no specialized skills required.


There are no up-front payments or long-term commitments and no infrastructure to manage with Amazon Connect; customers pay by the minute for Amazon Connect usage plus any associated telephony services.

Man in contact centre using twilio flex

Our technology drives your customers engagement.

Australia's Leading Implementation Partner

Cloudwave have a leading team of technical experts ready to assist you with planning and implementing your move to the amazon connect platform. 


Contact us today for an obligation free consultation on how are team can help your business move forward using cloud contact centre technology.

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Amazon Connect comes with pre-built integrations to popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. There is also an API that can be used to build custom integrations. You can use Amazon Connect with Workforce Management (WFM) suites for agent performance tracking, staffing forecasting and management.


Amazon Connect runs on Amazon Web Services proven infrastructure operating 55 Availability Zones within 18 geographic regions around the world. This makes Amazon Connect more highly available, fault tolerant and scalable than would be possible if a contact center solution was run from a single data center.

Scalable and Elastic

There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage, so you can scale your Amazon Connect contact center up or down, onboarding up to tens of thousands of agents in response to business cycles and paying only for the time callers are interacting with Amazon Connect plus any associated telephony charges

AI Enabled 

You can use AWS AI services with Amazon Connect to help your organization operate more efficiently and improve the customer experience. Integrate Amazon Lex intelligent conversational bots into contact flows to turn automated interactions into natural conversations. 

Amazon Connect Core features

The Amazon Connect platform has a vast modular feature set allowing your business to tailor solutions to meet your exact needs. As an Amazon Connect integration partner Cloudwave can help you plan, build and execute your chosen strategy on the platform. 

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Omnichannel experience for all

Amazon Connect has a single UI across both
voice and chat for contact routing, queuing, analytics, and management. This omnichannel experience means that call center agents don't have to learn and work across multiple tools.
With Amazon Connect you can also use the same automated interactions and chatbots across both channels, so you don’t have to rebuild interaction flows, increasing operational efficiency.


For your end-customers this means they can interact with your agents on voice or chat based on factors such as personal preferences and wait times. 

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High quality audio

Sound quality in a call impacts productivity.
When your customers can’t hear you clearly,
it can lead to wasted time and frustration.
With Amazon Connect, calls are made over the Internet from a computing device like a PC, using the Amazon Connect softphone. The Amazon Connect softphone delivers high-quality 16kHz audio and, is resistant to packet loss to ensure
a high quality call experience.

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Web and mobile chat

Amazon Connect supports chat for web and mobile. Using the same contact flows, configuration, routing, analytics, and management tools as voice, Amazon Connect makes it easy for you to quickly offer chat as an engagement channel in your contact center, because you don’t have to learn new tools or switch between UIs, and you can reuse the same automated interactions you’ve already built for voice to automatically create chat contact flows

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AI-Powered Speech Analytics Solution

The AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect Solution allows developers to integrate AWS AI Services in Amazon Connect or other contact centers to help you get started with speech to text transcription, translation into preferred languages, and sentiment analysis to gain insights for agents and supervisors, all in real-time.

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Skills-based routing

Amazon Connect has a single UI and routing engine for calls and chat, increasing efficiency among agents. To minimize wait times and ensure an end customer gets the answer they need, it is important to route them to the right agent. With skills-based routing, Amazon Connect ensures contacts are sent to the right agent at the right time based on variable such as; availability, skill set, customer sentiment, and past history. This helps agents quickly and efficiently resolve issues.

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Fraud Detection

Amazon Connect can easily implement Amazon Fraud Detector to identify potentially fraudulent activities. Your data helps power a machine learning (ML) model that automatically identifies fraud such as callers trying to steal customer account information. You can create unique fraud detection models with just a few clicks and no prior ML experience because Fraud Detector handles all of the ML heavy lifting for you.

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Salesforce Service Cloud and Amazon Connect

More and more companies are relying on CRM solutions as a critical component for contact center agents as they store the most important information about customers. Traditionally, agents would need to operate in two or more different applications to gather customer information and take follow-up actions. With Salesforce Service Cloud and Amazon Connect, agents can see the important CRM data they need as they interact with customers - all from a single user interface.

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Call recording

Amazon Connect also comes with integrated call recording for agent performance assessment to help monitor and improve customer experiences.

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Intuitive graphical

contact flow builder

Amazon Connect makes it possible to design automated contact flows that dynamically adapt to the caller experience in real-time. In addition, Amazon Connect is highly flexible and allows you to leverage other AWS services in Amazon Connect. Using AWS Lambda, you can create targeted and personal experiences by accessing virtually any back-end system and easily pull in information such as: past purchases, contact history, and customer tendencies, which can be used to anticipate end-customer needs and deliver answers to questions before they are even asked.

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Natural language chatbots - Amazon Lex

You can easily build natural language chatbot contact flows using Amazon Lex, an AWS AI service that is natively integrated within Amazon Connect and has the same automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and natural language understanding (NLU) that powers Amazon Alexa.

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Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect is a set of machine learning (ML) capabilities integrated into Amazon Connect. With Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, contact center supervisors can better understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance risks of customer conversations to effectively train agents, replicate successful interactions, and identify crucial company and product feedback.

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Real-time and historical analytics

Understanding your contact center at the most granular level is key to improving performance
and lowering costs. Amazon Connect offers powerful analytics tools out-of-the-box, including a visual dashboard with customizable real-time and historical metrics. With Amazon Connect you can also stream your most detailed contact metrics to the data lake of your choice where you can join and analyze them with other data like conversion rates or customer satisfaction. This enables your contact center manager to make data-driven decisions to increase agent productivity and reduce customer wait times. Historical metrics also provide longer-term insights to identify common trends with customer issues and overall operational performance.

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Outbound calling

Amazon Connect lets you make calls programmatically using the outbound contact
API. You can schedule automated calls for appointment reminders, like doctor
appointments and payment due notifications.


You can also trigger automated notification
calls in response to events, like notifying a customer about credit card fraud on their account.
In addition, you can use the outbound contact
API to initiate calls from other applications, such
as CRM systems, using specific contact flows to inform customers about important information, such as when a service outage occurs.

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