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Existing legacy systems left many customers with bad experiences negatively impacting Reckons brand and marketing positioning 


Reckon: Migration of business to cloud contact

centre technology


About Reckon

Reckon is an Australian software company that provides desktop and cloud-based accounting software for accountants, bookkeepers, small to medium businesses, and personal users.

Client Industry:


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Sydney - Australia


Project Summary

Reckon approached Cloudwave due to the current challenges they were facing with there existing legacy contact centre systems and infrastructure. Poor customer experiences centre around long wait times, busy dial tones and dropped calls meant Reckon were receiving a lot of negative feedback which they needed to fix.

The legacy system was close to 20 years old and provided no opportunity to introduce broader business benefits such as skills based routing, IVR or remote working capabilities. 


The team at Cloudwave set about designing a solution and implementation plan the would quickly allow Reckon to roll out a solution to improve their customer experience whilst still still allowing a high volume of customer calls to be processed on a daily basis.

Reckon Challenges

Reckon approached Cloudwave with a unique set of challenges that required our solution architects to design an construct a market leading cloud contact centre.

Reckon had three major challenges and objectives of the project and supplier partnership, these can be summarised as;


Reckon we're on the middle of a merger and needed to be out of their existing office into new. We were given 8 weeks from start to finish to perform this migration


Existing system was an old hardware based system housed across multiple locations across the globe


Flash crowds at end of each financial year up to 300% traffic spikes. Old system was simply unable to handle capacity leaving hundreds of customer frustrated 


Helping Reckon take their customer experience to the next level.


Using the experience of the team at Cloudwave we managed to build a world class solution that enabled Reckon to overcome all of their technology and contact centre challenges without compromise. 

The solution was scoped and built for the business to begin roll out within 1 month, with the full implementation completed within 3 months. Cloudwave supported Reckon through the entire process from scoping exercises to build strategy and finally implementation and support.

  • Cloudwave implemented a brand new cloud based IVR solution into the Reckon infrastructure which was programmed to meet the Reckon customer and brand needs reducing dropped calls.

  • Cloudwave built an open ended solution built on the AWS platform with a number of custom features, the platform was chosen as it has the ability to scale and grow with the business. The open platform allows iterations of current modules and ability to add other features all moulded around the needs of the business.

  • Cloudwave provide 24x7 support to Reckon to ensure delivery of SLA's and maximising up-time of the contact centre solution.

What Reckon Say

Ed Blackman - CTO Reckon

Ed explains the three reasons why they took the decision to choose Cloudwave as their implementation partner;

  • Quick implementation plan

  • In house technical skill set

  • Longer term partnership approach

Reckon case study
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Technology Used

Using a combination of 3 of the most powerful technologies in the cloud contact centre space, Cloudwave were able to implement a best in class contact centre solution.



Following delivery of the project Reckon experienced a number of extremely positive results relating to their business and their customers.

  • Sucessful move to a cloud base call centre infrastructure - On time and on budget

  • Easy on-boarding process for staff give the intuitive AWS system implemented by Cloudwave

  • Vastly improved customer experience - 25% less dropped calls before customer reached agent.

  • 100% up time in the first 3 years of the implementation

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