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World class cloud

contact centre tech

Omni-channel cloud based contact centre software solution offering unlimited scale and global reach.

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Built with the power of

Amazon Connect

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Simple and Powerful  

With Cloudwave NEON we have harnessed the power of amazon connect and built its features into a simple to use cost effective platform that's infinitely scalable.

Easy Set Up

Quick and easy set up, we'll have you running in no time

Cost Effective

Industry leading pricing on all communications

Fully Supported

Our support teams will make sure you are always online

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Feature packed and user friendly

We listened to the contact centre market and understood there was a need for a highly functional platform, drawing on Amazon Connects powerful feature set that was simple and easy to set up.

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Connect from anywhere

Cutting edge cloud technology to support your businesses remote working policies whilst providing your teams the tools they need to excel in their roles.

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Platform Features

Voice Channels

Web Chat


Cloud Contact Centre



User Presence

Transcription services



Cost Savings


Cloudwave Neon is built and priced around a consumption model, meaning you pay for what you use.

Neon is a market leader in terms of its wide ranging functionality and its ability to offer cost effective pricing scalable to any business size.

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Available on AWS

Marketplace today

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Powerful performance, that's easy to use.

Cloudwave Neon is a complete contact centre solution built to harness the true power of Amazon Connect and the complete Cognitive CX portfolio.

Cloudwave Neon seamlessly combines the cutting edge technology elements from Amazon Connect and user focused interface to provide your business with a tool to grow your business.




Cost Effective

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Integrate with the world's best

Cloudwave Neon's CRM integration allows you to integrate with some of the worlds best CRM systems, improving your business process and customer experience.


Save money and wow your customers with Cloudwave Neon

Experience the Cloud Contact Centre for Innovative Enterprises

Request a FREE demo today and we'll show you how Neon can bring world class contact centre features to your business. 

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  • What is Cloudwave Neon?
    CloudWave Neon is a fully customisable widget-driven user interface that sits on top of Amazon Connect. Neon allows you to drag, drop, and re-size tiles so an agent user interface is configured to the needs of the business whilst having access to all of the fantastic capability and reporting that Amazon Connect has to offer in a user-friendly front end.
  • What Features does Cloudwave Neon Support?
    CloudWave Neon supports both the voice and text chat channels with call recording, transcription, chat translation, natural language and analytics. Most important, our roadmap is driven in part by customer requests, and the platform evolves to include new features and channels on a regular basis.
  • What software intregrations does Cloudwave Neon Support?
    We support integrations with any open API web-based platform however, most commonly we support and integrate with the following: Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration Salesforce: Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings customers and companies together. It's one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. ServiceNow: ServiceNow is Cloud based platform that transforms old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows. Employees and customers get what they need, when they need it—fast, simple, easy. Hubspot: Hubspot is a CRM that lets your entire company work together - from marketing, to sales, to customer service. Each Hub is powerful alone, but better together. Dynamix: Dynamics 365 is a CRM consisting of a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI driven insights. Pipedrive: Pipedrive is the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. Zoho: Zoho is a complete end to end fully customizable CRM solution for growing businesses and enterprises Daisee: Daisee is Speech and sentiment analytics software that automates risk and quality management. Payshield: Payshield is a PCI DSS solution that integrates with your payment gateway provider and allows contact centre agents to capture payment card information over the phone compliantly and without having to break the conversation. Cyara: Cyara is the world's leading Automated Customer Experience Assurance Platform provider, helping leading brands deliver better CX with less effort, cost and time. Calabrio: Calabrio is a fully integrated customer engagement suite consisting of call recording, quality management, workforce management, analytics and advanced reporting software. Agyle Time: Agyle Time is a cloudbased work force management platform used to Intelligently forecast, schedule and monitor your workforce in real time. Message Media: Message Media is a platform that uses bulk SMS for appointment reminders, rostering & many other applications
  • How much does it cost?
    CloudWave Neon works on a pure usage model, unlike traditional platforms with monthly user licence fees. With Neon, you only pay when your contact centre agents are logged in. When they are on leave or off sick you do not pay. Our rate as published on the AWS marketplace at $0.007 USD per minute
  • How many agents will it support?
    The beauty of the cloud, the AWS technology, and the consumption model is that they grow with you, meaning Neon will support one call centre agent or 10,000 of them.
  • What support services do you offer?
    We offer a range of support services to suit your business needs. From entry-level business hours support including five moves, adds and changes per month, to complete 24x7 support with unlimited moves, adds, and changes – plus monthly customer innovation training, monthly code development and onsite support two days per month.
  • How does it reduce my call centre costs?
    Traditional call centre platforms charge a monthly license fee, meaning you pay regardless of how many hours an agent logs in. With CloudWave Neon, you pay only for usage. If an agent is off sick or on leave, you will not pay for that time. In comparison, a standard contact centre licence from a direct competitor starts at $150.00 per month. On our usage model, an agent logged in for 6.5 hours per day for 21 days per month equals $57.33 USD (billed in AUD), roughly $84.24 AUD, so, in this example, without factoring in absenteeism, you’ve already saved over 40 percent on licence costs alone.
  • How long is implementation?
    A standard CloudWave Neon implementation can be up and running in three to four weeks. If there are significant integration needs and customisation, the implementation process may take longer.
  • Does the system support remote working?
    CloudWave Neon is accessible from any location with a stable and secure Internet connection meaning you have instant business continuity and work-from-anywhere capability.
  • Does Neon support local and international calling?
    The AWS backend brings a worldwide carrier network to our platform meaning you can be operational across the globe in multiple countries and time zones

Frequently asked questions

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