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Enriching your customer interactions with AI tech

Concierge delivers the latest in smart IVR tech in a quick-to-deploy, cost-effective package that adds value to both customers and businesses.

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What is Concierge?

Designed to enrich the initial customer interactions during IVR sessions to add value to both customers and organisations.

Utilising artificial intelligence Concierge can automate conversations, facilitate accurate call routing, deliver targeting marketing and perform real-time analytics on call intent. 

Overall concierge provides a toolkit of powerful features to improve the efficiency of your call centre.

Increased self service uptake

Decrease call centre costs

Increased agent productivity

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Everything you need 

Concierge gives your business the opportunity to deploy the latest AI technology at a cost-effective price point, for the first time allowing your business to access this technology. 

Capture caller intent for insights and actioning

Targeted deflect to self-serve, and other non-voice channels

Dynamic and intuitive contact centre manager interface

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Advance your call centre

offering automated self-service to bring efficiency and customer experience to the next level

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Product Features

Advanced Speech Recognition

Ongoing Supervised Learning

Intelligent Call Routing

Contact Centre Agent View

Voice Verification

Automated KYC Verification


Concierge is both feature-rich and easy to implement through its intuitive admin console for easy maintenance and adaption of call flows.

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How it works

Concierge works as a smart service running prior to agent interaction, to quickly deliver customers to their intended call destination.


Want to know how Concierge can help optimise your business?

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