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Built 100% in the cloud, the Zscaler global cloud delivers the entire gateway security stack as a service.

Fully Integrated

Secure Network


Unmatched security

Full SSL

Transform your model


Built from the ground up, Zscaler’s multi-tenant cloud architecture lets customers enjoy elastic scale while maintaining security and data privacy.


Zscaler was built on several foundational observations, including the fact that business and personal applications had begun moving to the cloud, Web 2.0 was leading to the evolution of web-based apps, and that the adoption of mobility meant that users could be working from anywhere.


Hardware based technologies simply cannot keep up nor scale to manage todays evolving threats hence CloudWave went all in on Zscaler technology and now offer this 0 day protection to many major tier one enterprises based here and abroad


Transform your Security Model

Embrace a direct-to-cloud security stack that protects user and offices, while breaking free from costly appliances and network infrastructure.

Successful Office 365 Deployment

Deploy Office 365 quicker and deliver a fast user experience. Microsoft recommends direct internet connections for Office 365. Zscaler can help.

Fast and Secure Cloud Access

The Zscaler Private Access Service provides secure remote access to internal applications in cloud and without placing users on the corporate network. 

Unlimited Capacity

With over 100 data centers, performance from any location is lighting fast, and you’ll never run out of capacity.

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